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1. Best comments

Not misunderstand us, we have come a long way since the horrible 90s, when we had to endure comments Motson in FIFA. However, it seems to have no updates since leaving the infamous Andy Gray after FIFA 11. Make every effort to keep Martin Tyler and Alan Smith , but please, stop aerial feats remind us every time Smith who heads the ball. And Carlos Tevez not constantly bombard us with his "bulldog-like approach". In short, the comments should be bolder, smarter and would not hurt fresh blood in the commentary team.

2. Arbitrators do not give foot with ball

Football is a contact sport and, although you could say that the game is becoming less physical time, arbiters of FIFA 16 will not forgive even the slightest. Arbitration has always been a difficult point, but FIFA 16 is particularly bad, with referees whistle fouls the softer touch with the rival. It also appears that dealt cards almost at random. It can not be that almost departing ankle in a tackle and only receive a verbal warning; lie that nothing falls a flick of a yellow. Surely we must retrain the referees.

3. Be serious in physics

The engine Ignite of EA has done a lot of good things for the franchise, but suffers some side effects on physical player: become absolutely crazy! Do not miss the opportunity to see the video above to check the various errors that suffers the game. Now, we do not misunderstand, many of them are even funny and is always appreciated that when one of these faults in the area opposite occurs, piten us a penalty in the last minute. But if FIFA wants to play as much as we need to fix this scruffy. FIFA 17 Hack Cheats

4. Adjust speed

Speed is always a problem in FIFA always has been and always will be. Remains the most effective game statistics, just look at FIFA Ultimate Team for the fastest players are always the most sought after, even though their other statistics are its best asset. Various improvements have been made over recent years: the lowest league players are not so slow and, as a result, the game shows a better balance.However, we are still seeing too regularly plants with rather mediocre statistics reaching front characterized by its speed. This has to stop. FIFA 17 Hack

5. Easy to get players provided

The most conservative Career Mode FIFA recognize that to deal in the transfer market a lot of expertise and required savings. There seems no reason for that except the random nature of transfer deals, there are a lot of talented young players languishing on the bench. So, why not links to the minor league club created to lend us their players? There would be a greater movement in the market and we would obtain a promising player for some time. Everyone wins.